Affirming Dignity.

Seventh-day Adventist’s believe in the dignity and worth of each human being  and decry all forms of physical, sexual and emotional abuse and family violence.

Minimising Risk.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Ireland is committed to protecting those we serve and all who work with us.

Responding to Abuse.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Ireland will respond to abuse and family violence within both the church and the community. To remain indifferent and unresponsive is to condone, perpetuate and potentially extend such behaviour.

What services we provide:

Garda Vetting & Recruitment

Employee & Volunteer Training

Organisational Awareness

Policy Development


Safeguarding is about protecting the health, well-being and human rights of individuals, which allow people – especially children, young people and vulnerable adults – to live free from abuse, harm and neglect.

Garda Vetting & Recruitment

Volunteer & Employee Training

Organisation Awareness

Policy Development

Phone: 089 2111 507


Address: 47a Ranelagh Road, Dublin, D06 NX99

Registered Charity Number: 4912


Tusla – Child & Family Agency

National Vetting Bureau

South Dublin County Volunteer Centre



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Freedom of Information

Data Protection


Designated Safeguarding Officer

Disclosure Clerk

Church Pastor

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